Houston Hurricane Preparation List, Tips, and Resources

July 20th, 2020
Houston Downtown Apartments On Crawford Street

We love our great city of Houston, but we’ve had our fair share of hurricanes and storms that have caused so much pain and damage over the years. Our downtown Houston apartments want to help you get ready for hurricane season and help prepare you for any major disasters.

Below are our tips and some resources to help you prep for hurricane season and other big storms that may come Houston’s way. The more prepared you are in advance, the better.

- Plan ahead with groceries and filling your gas tank up. We don’t necessarily recommend leaving your apartment to seek shelter, unless told by government officials, but having a full tank of gas is always a good idea.

- Along with planning ahead, we recommend having an emergency kit. This can include flashlights and batteries and candles and matches in case the power goes out, a supply of water and food, and anything else you may need, including medications. A good rule of thumb is having enough on hand for a minimum of 72 hours. Remember that tap water may not be safe to drink after a storm; so having bottled water on hand is crucial.

- Keep a list of phone numbers, because you never know when you may lose your cell phone or need these numbers in an emergency. Perhaps tape them to your refrigerator.

- We love our balconies and patios, but if you have furniture or plants outside during a storm, consider bringing them inside or securing it so they don’t get blown away or cause further damage.

- Stay informed on Houston weather and what is happening. Our downtown Houston apartments stay in constant communication with our residents during a storm.

- Fully charge your cell phone and any old phones that may be around your apartment. Many carriers will still be able to call 911 in case of an emergency even if the phone has been disconnected.

- Take a video or photos of all your belongings inside and around your Houston downtown apartment, including your car, bikes, and anything else. These are helpful for so many reasons, but become increasingly important if you need to make an insurance claim after a big storm.

- Make sure your insurance policies are up to date and you have that information handy. Renter’s insurance is required at our downtown Houston apartments, but we promise you’ll be glad you had it, if you ever need it.

- We love being a pet-friendly downtown Houston apartment, and we can’t stress enough how important it is to take care of your pets during storms. Consider calling ahead to local pet shelters about what to do if you have to evacuate and have an animal, and be sure to remind your friends and neighbors to never leave their animals outside or locked up during a storm. Flood waters and chained up animals can be tragic. Read more about pet safety during a storm.

- If you’re driving in Houston after or during a storm, be careful to follow signs and check water levels. Underpasses can be a dangerous place for cars, so when in doubt, sit it out. We also recommend an emergency kit for your car.

You can also follow more weather disaster tips from the CDC.

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